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I couldn’t help myself.
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Background Pony #5722
@Background Pony #557
"He basically said that she’s not part of the show, has nothing to her name in it and that it would just confuse viewers"
More seriously,yes that tend to happen.Your character indeed tend to look incongruous and out of place when they just exist in the setting of a badly thought spin off for a show called My Little Pony.This is where they belonged anyway ,as props in the background.Thanks for Miller for reigning in Haber yes-man impulse
Honestly,I would have welcomed SS and Flash Sentry (especially the later if they treated his crush with Twilight EARLY in the show proper) with open arms if they were introduced in the OG show first but as it is,they are associated with High School Musical mean bitch cliché and Ken from Barbie ersatz)

Also they should do that,put Flash Sentry in G5 as a pony.The original sucked ,there’s only room for improvment for his character and potential for a cute love arc if you give him time to develop organically
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Background Pony #557
That does not matter. The show is written in a way that ignores Sunset’s existence. In the leak even Jim Miller said so when Haber tried to have Sunset have a speaking role in the finale. He basically said that she’s not part of the show, has nothing to her name in it and that it would just confuse viewers.

Whether or not she’s canon that doesn’t change that fact that she’s not part of the framework of the show as noted by Miller and a representative from Hasbro. The staff has gone on to say that they never had any plans to have her in the show since she belongs in EqG which is treated as a different thing. The sirens as noted by Vinyl where treated more like generic monsters and not even really expanded on. Her appearance in the last minute of the show was a cameo and nothing more.
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Wallet After Summer Sale

The EQG writers and MLP writers don’t talk to each other

The Sirens only showed up in Season 7 because they were part of the Pillars’ backstory, which was different than what happened in Rainbow Rocks
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Background Pony #B680
Shining Armor: Don’t let a single one get away!
all of the ponies are seen on a cliff, the camera zooms up to a group of Master Hands and their controller Galeem
Chancellor Neighsay: We’ll each need to take down about ten.
Twilight Sparkle: Stow your fear, it’s now or never!
Rainbow Dash: We’ll win this, I know we will.
the Master Hands began disintegrating into rays of light, Galeem starts to form big black hole, Thorax soon sees a vision of the downfall of the ponies, but he foresees Bob, Larry, Junior, Spike and Flurry’s escape
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Background Pony #557
Sunset isn’t part of FiM. She has no reason to be here especially for a character who has zero mentions in the show. Tempest and the movie have been connected to the show via dialogue.
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@Background Pony #6B5B
buttt… it’s soo disctracting o_O

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