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Queen Chrysalis: You just can't accept that you were beaten before you even realized there was a fight, can you?
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Background Pony #BB4E
@Background Pony #91FF
(Raises hoof to ask tour guide)

When do we get to see the location where Lord Tirek chipped his tooth?

A bit hard to see as the fighting moved away from the road as the Terrible Trio attacked the Mane 6 which moved so that they had a stiff height in the back. Then they would probably have moved so that the backdrop for Tirek as he sees Twilight must be north / northeast of Canterlot where there is a mountain ridge that connects to the mountain on which Canterlot lies.

The road on which the Mane 6 came was in the northwest — and the heights that the Allies came up to when they saved the situation were likely in the southwest. There were not great distances both groups moved as they fought against each other, but there were several woods, at least two or three roads and several slopes with a lot of rocky ground not far below the grass.

It was an open landscape that was obviously used as pasture to feed the people of Canterlot, the grass is just too low to happen naturally. One could see fields in the background. As ponies, they need basic food, and of course, a city that has several thousand had to have large pastures. It will not be surprising if there is very good grass capacity in these fields where the fighting happened.
Background Pony #BB4E
This scene is special. For I think this is the first time we can see Canterlot from the front rather than from the side as usual, as we usually see the city from Ponyville and then from the side up the road and the railroad. Not as big as I thought, but more similar to the city from MLP: Movie which showed that it partly hung out in the air and on a cliff edge that began towards a descending plateau.

Since the Mane 6 had come from the north, they must have used a road leading down from north to northwest of Canterlot. In doing so, they reached higher lands, as one can see that there is a valley on the way to the city that was partly ruined. Ponyville is usually stated to be south of Canterlot, from where they could see sideways on the city.

As the city is large, it meant that the place where the last battle took place was at least 10 km from Canterlot. Where I live, (Norway) one could see a large white mountain hotel up in the hills that is highly visible at least 8 km, the scene shows something similar, just with a city instead of a hotel. Much of the terrain where I live is strongly reminiscent of what you see around Canterlot and Ponyville with elongated ridges, small dunes and shallow valleys not far from the mountains, even though snow-capped peaks only occur in winter.

Cozy Glow with her pegasus vision can look so far and identify Mane 6 before Trek and Chrysalis. Not surprisingly, we couldn't see that far in the scene when she discovered them.

When allies and friends of the Mane 6 arrived, they had come from the southwest of Canterlot, although that is somewhat uncertain. Obviously, it was an important juncture where the different traveling companions from all sides could meet and yet missed the Mane 6 which took a different route. It meant that Cloudsdale was to the west of Canterlot, and had come close to Ponyville as this town moves, but always within sight of Canterlot.
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^ OMG, it's OMQ!!
It's the other way around, jackass!! You're outnumbered 7 to 3! We're not leaving Canterlot nor Ponyville behind until we get our friends back!

You can defeat us a MILLION times! We'll just come back even MORE stronger and MORE confident than before, just like that Black Gryphon song—-that SOMEHOW predicted your uprising….

This is OUR land, Chrysalis!! NOT YOURS!! So why don't you and your sketchy partners in crime make like a bee and buzz off??!

I'm only gonna ASK YOU ALL of you JUST once!! Go turn yourself in Tartarus, and we'll be merciful enough NOT to kill you! AND THAT GOES THE SAME FOR YOU, COZY GLOW!!