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Pinkie Pie: Thanks for playing!!

(Chrysalis fries ragdoll version of herself with her mana beam)
safe (1442549)screencap (177411)pinkie pie (190516)queen chrysalis (29674)changeling (33114)changeling queen (8027)earth pony (153070)pony (710816)the ending of the end (1919)spoiler:s09e25 (1594):< (888)angry (20245)armor (19059)beam (234)bipedal (27274)blast (403)bowtie (7383)carny (6)chrysalis blasts things (5)clothes (360781)colored sclera (469)comic (90747)doll (5477)facial hair (3966)fake moustache (219)female (772595)frown (19792)frustrated (418)glare (7642)glowing horn (13836)gritted teeth (9236)hat (65927)hoof hold (6067)horn (27440)livid (9)magic (58375)magic beam (222)magic blast (780)mare (343143)meme origin (351)moustache (2520)ragdoll (54)rage (1248)raised eyebrow (5448)raised hoof (32502)screencap comic (3513)smiling (185824)stuffed toy (191)surprised (6954)toy (19623)ultimate chrysalis (170)unamused (11497)wide eyes (14571)yikes (7)

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With the many items pinkie pie as flim had held in her hoof to show queen Chrysalis when a plushie of a bug horse was held before queen Chrysalis used her powers to vaporize the plushie.
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