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Pinkie Pie: Thanks for playing!!

(Chrysalis fries ragdoll version of herself with her mana beam)
safe1615005 screencap210686 pinkie pie207389 queen chrysalis33379 changeling42946 earth pony215705 pony882593 the ending of the end2912 :<977 angry24998 armor22327 beam257 bipedal31711 blast608 bowtie9190 carny7 chrysalis blasts things6 clothes425709 colored sclera638 comic103307 doll5823 fake moustache281 fangs22809 female1285564 final battle53 former queen chrysalis328 frown21828 frustrated509 glare8052 glowing horn17699 gritted teeth10846 hat79480 hoof hold7632 horn51943 livid9 magic68410 magic beam310 magic blast963 mare439190 meme origin393 moustache2814 plushie22501 queen chrysalis is not amused77 ragdoll56 raised eyebrow6310 raised hoof40703 screencap comic4333 shrunken pupils2754 sin of wrath49 smiling224408 surprised8435 toy21276 ultimate chrysalis370 unamused14617 wide eyes16348 yikes11


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With the many items pinkie pie as flim had held in her hoof to show queen Chrysalis when a plushie of a bug horse was held before queen Chrysalis used her powers to vaporize the plushie.
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