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safe1616435 artist:metal-jacket44453 berry blend413 berry bliss415 citrine spark356 fire quacker356 gallus6183 november rain533 ocellus4865 peppermint goldylinks418 sandbar5048 silverstream5656 smolder7194 yona4732 changedling7690 changeling42997 classical hippogriff4644 dragon50952 earth pony216250 griffon25135 hippogriff8801 pony884269 yak4253 comic:the dark labyrinth7 canterlot boutique1000 ;p165 blushing182686 clothes426319 comic103380 cute186381 diaocelles996 diastreamies1151 dress41161 female1286711 friendship student1535 frilly underwear4301 gallabetes820 gallstream366 male344080 mirror4890 one eye closed27116 panties47432 panties on head66 pink underwear4095 sandabetes658 shipping188444 smolderbetes1114 straight127913 student six1504 tongue out95096 underwear57158 wardrobe misuse121 yonadorable727


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We Crossdress Harder
This is great, but it would be slightly greater if the last two panels were moved right after the opening shot.

Changeling Guard-Consort
Everything about this is perfect. The art, the personalities, the interactions and reactions, those beautiful dresses and suits, all of it. They really do look amazing in these outfits.

Please please please continue this. This is what I need in my life right now. I read something awesome like this and I forget about the pain of losing the show for a while!

Edit: Cheeky Ocellus and ;P Ocellus is absolute bae.