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Applejack: How 'bout that? It's just like you said the day we opened that school.

Spike: The more creatures who know about friendship, the safer we'll be.
safe1616180 screencap210893 applejack162642 chancellor neighsay604 fluttershy203049 moondancer4570 night light2101 pharynx914 pinkie pie207531 prince rutherford717 rainbow dash224112 rarity173826 spike75771 thorax4074 twilight sparkle288371 twilight velvet3982 alicorn206177 changedling7686 changeling42997 dragon50940 the ending of the end2917 changedling brothers252 crying41043 king thorax2693 magic68464 mane six30386 prince pharynx657 shield2049 tears of joy2255 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118404 winged spike7843


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