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are really rarijackers surprised for the BTFO? specially when rarity was the one who show more attraction for males?…. and even then she end up being a spinster… weird…
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Background Pony #11F6
Not Lesbian, bi and the last one looks especially like AJ after we had an episode deticated and hinting to you having a thing for AJ on top of that EqG is NOT the same as the main verse.
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Background Pony #3FA3
@Chuy Ryu
That became all too apparent unfortunately with how often characters resorted to early character flaws they had long since overcome
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Proper Prose

@Chuy Ryu
Later episodes do show that he has a jerkish streak and sense of entitlement to him, but in every instance I can recall he owns up and apologizes when someone points it out.

So, eh, kind of sort of situation.
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Background Pony #8A9C
Finally, somebody remembers. People seem to have convenient memory loss to justify their claims.
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Loving fan and shipper
She could still be bisexual though? I agree that a lesbian Rarity would have to rewrite her whole character, which I personally don't agree with. But I think even the writers are open to the idea of bisexual Rarity, if Rollercoaster of Friendship is anything to go by. This coming from someone who doesn't ship Rarijack either, by the way.
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Thorned Rose Ninja
Artist -

Rarity has always shown a strong attraction toward males up until Equestria Girl's "Rollercoaster of Friendship" gave us a hint of bisexuality. While human Rarity is probably bisexual, albeit still preferring guys, the regular Rarity is completely straight.
They possess two different souls.

But the image doesn't give bisexuality as an option, which is a shame.
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@Background Pony #9495
Lesbian is not the same as bisexual. After all this time of her throwing herself at and swooning over stallions, the idea that she's homosexual seems far-fetched. Even if there is a number of ponies whose ships are explained through her having one bad experience with males (usually Blueblood) and switching exclusively to females as a result. Because that's apparently how sexuality works.

In regards to your question, the image itself refers lesbianism, so I assume that's what was meant, even if the description didn't exclude a bisexual reading directly.
Iron Storm

Raggedy Man
Most people didnt push lesbian Rarity until Equestria Girls made it a possible option. And even then EQ Girls Rarity still showed more interest in guys romantically than she did females.
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Background Pony #1926
Are you not familiar to the concept of bisexuality? Or are you and just mocking the notions she's only interested in mares?
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