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Here it is! My entry for this year's Derpibooru anniversary event! Apparently this year's prompt is: "Draw a character/characters reaching their dreams." So here she is, Petunia Paleo, reaching her dream of bringing back to life long extinct creatures, because what other dream would dino-filly have, really. Luster Dawn is just there… to be the butt of a joke. Hope y'all like it folks!
safe1615699 artist:edhelistar113 derpibooru exclusive25780 luster dawn1269 petunia paleo205 brachiosaurus19 dilophosaurus4 dinosaur978 earth pony215938 pony883479 pterosaur29 quetzalcoatlus4 sauropod16 tyrannosaurus rex255 unicorn285269 the last problem5030 amber13 blue (raptor)15 cane655 clothes426002 dakotaraptor steini1 duo52837 female1286169 glasses56823 hair bun3016 happy birthday mlp:fim1304 hat79530 john hammond11 jurassic park261 jurassic world81 kanji176 looking at something2383 looking at you152592 mare439499 mlp fim's ninth anniversary315 mosquito in amber1 older24341 older petunia paleo6 parody15338 pony riding a dinosaur1 scared9736 shirt22418 signature20778 simple background361205 sweat24227 tengwar41 traditional art111253


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