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What a journey this has been. It feels weird knowing it's over.

Season 1: >>1887584
Season 2: >>1887586
Season 3: >>1887587
Season 4: >>1887589
Season 5: >>1887590
Season 6: >>1887591
Season 7: >>1887592
Season 8: >>1887593
Movie: >>1887594
safe1616105 screencap210862 ahuizotl808 apple bloom47519 applejack162616 daring do6229 discord29492 fluttershy203037 pinkie pie207526 rainbow dash224091 rarity173822 scootaloo49647 spike75770 sweetie belle47300 twilight sparkle288362 alicorn206168 draconequus9882 dragon50939 between dark and dawn1552 daring doubt844 growing up is hard to do1372 the ending of the end2917 the last crusade813 animated94183 apple15281 apple tree2908 bondage31408 bondage compilation11 book31516 chains4591 changeling slime601 clubhouse726 compilation528 crusaders clubhouse691 cutie mark crusaders18353 gif28858 magic68463 mane six30384 messy hair846 mud2336 muddy657 older24350 older apple bloom1843 older scootaloo1824 older sweetie belle2045 supercut68 tree29198 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118404 vine1203 winged spike7843


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