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Everycreature in the coronation 1
safe1616737 composite screencap138 edit123144 edited screencap59269 screencap210960 big daddy mccolt84 capper dapperpaws1480 derpy hooves48658 doctor whooves10415 dusty pages107 gilda9249 lemon hearts2009 ma hooffield58 minuette5537 moondancer4572 night light2105 pharynx914 prince rutherford717 roseluck4816 sassy saddles996 seaspray158 sugar maple126 tempest shadow16167 thorax4075 time turner10411 twilight velvet3987 twinkleshine2086 zecora8951 abyssinian1141 changedling7694 changeling42999 classical hippogriff4646 earth pony216364 griffon25140 hippogriff8807 pegasus257672 pony884542 unicorn285685 yak4255 the last problem5041 background changeling124 background pony9638 balloon9752 banner1886 broken horn13203 castle walls5 changedling brothers252 clothes426443 coronation83 cup5791 ear piercing23187 earring18974 everycreature44 female1286958 friendship student1535 general seaspray14 glass4269 glasses56884 hat79621 hooffield family122 horn52254 horn ring5170 jewelry55362 king thorax2694 looking up14845 male344179 mare439867 mccolt family176 panorama243 piercing37020 prince pharynx657 stallion97945 sweater13505 table8534 ten gallon hat32


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^ OMG, it's OMQ!!
Princess Celestia: My sister and I have ruled this land for quite some time, but even we know that change eventually comes to us all.

But we promise you! After this new turn of the friendship era, all of us creatures will be finally reunited in peaceful harmony and our future generations will live in an upcoming era of a new world government!
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