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NOTE: I did not make these images. All credit goes to the original artist.

After several weeks of just sitting as an idea in my head, here it is: a compilation of every reformed antagonist exclusively from Equestria Girls: Better Together (plus Juniper because why not? 😉)

Now, in keeping with tradition for these things, here’s the question: Given that each of these repented beauties did pretty unpleasant things before turning good, which one would you be most comfortable to go out on a date with?

Sound off in the comments and enjoy!
safe (1442549)artist:the-butch-x (1250)edit (100993)editor:thomasfan45 (90)juniper montage (1044)kiwi lollipop (171)supernova zap (172)vignette valencia (531)wallflower blush (1269)human (131944)equestria girls (161805)equestria girls series (24546)spoiler:eqg series (season 2) (9022)amusement park (89)bare shoulders (1349)beautiful (3752)beauty mark (854)blushing (155861)breasts (207643)busty kiwi lollipop (17)busty vignette valencia (65)butch's hello (82)cellphone (2373)cleavage (27617)clothes (360780)concession stand (61)crepuscular rays (2201)cute (151068)description is relevant (639)dress (35524)equestria girls logo (698)female (772595)freckles (20916)glasses (47591)grass (6974)hands in lap (6)heart (38337)hello x (82)jeans (2541)k-lo (107)kneesocks (891)legs (5316)looking at you (122843)music festival (7)open mouth (105798)pants (10032)peace sign (1955)phone (4330)pigtails (3245)plants (191)postcrush (97)reformed villain (29)schrödinger's pantsu (133)sexy (18951)shorts (10390)signature (15094)sitting (46690)sitting on grass (2)smiling (185824)socks (49721)speech bubble (16972)striped sweater (35)su-z (113)sweater (11621)sweet dreams fuel (555)theater (240)thighs (4886)twintails (1120)wallflower and plants (54)wall of tags (1843)

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