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Princess Luna: We hope you'll come and visit us in Silver Shoals.

Princess Celestia: But now it's time for you to rule on your own. You're all more than capable.

Twilight Sparkle: Thank you. For everything.
safe1617218 screencap211000 applejack162749 fluttershy203169 pinkie pie207650 rainbow dash224210 rarity173910 spike75801 starlight glimmer45685 twilight sparkle288506 alicorn206413 dragon50998 the last problem5050 clothes426690 coronation dress626 crown15173 crying41059 cute186542 dress41195 electric fan44 end of ponies774 flying35622 happy28854 jewelry55414 liquid pride175 mane six30398 princess2103 regalia17734 sash246 second coronation dress195 tears of joy2259 tower396 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118465 winged spike7846


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