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Let me present you my ship – Dinky and Scootaloo. I think this two work pretty vell together, cause they understand what it’s like to be different from others. Scootaloo has small wings and can’t fly. Dinky has small horn and can’t do difficult spells, she hardly manages to levitate stuff. So not being able to reach the level of fast flyer and skillful wizard, they have to move on and find something else. Scootaloo in her teenager years more like Rainbow Dash: confident, cool, loud, a little sarcastic. She plays one guitar in the rock-band and travelling with tours. Dinky on the other hoof studying at the institute, she is calm, hardworking, a little bit quet, and nerdy. This two lovebirds is perfect duo.
safe (1448425)artist:elhybridtrash (5)dinky hooves (4087)scootaloo (47093)pegasus (194792)pony (716073)unicorn (211539)alternate hairstyle (21616)chest fluff (26520)choker (7460)clothes (362699)cutie mark (34659)dinkyloo (36)ear fluff (18486)ear piercing (17263)earring (14630)female (777454)freckles (21083)jacket (9064)jewelry (40377)leather jacket (2554)lesbian (83343)mare (346161)necktie (5361)older (19442)older dinky hooves (68)older scootaloo (1289)piercing (28958)shipping (167044)shirt (17594)spiked choker (990)suit (4399)the cmc's cutie marks (4244)tongue out (77287)tongue piercing (754)


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