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safe1613710 edit122928 screencap210566 applejack162435 fluttershy202820 pinkie pie207279 princess celestia91102 rainbow dash223857 rarity173589 starlight glimmer45567 twilight sparkle288040 alicorn205654 earth pony215324 pegasus256617 pony881338 unicorn284456 a canterlot wedding2549 horse play847 the cutie re-mark3061 animated94077 blast607 discovery family logo11536 female1284460 magic68318 magic blast962 sound7640 starlight says bravo114 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118252 webm11338


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Background Pony #92ED
I don't understand. Why would Twilight defeat Princess Celestia? She was a good alicorn!
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Background Pony #61D3
Honestly, Celestia was kinda rude in the first clip. I mean, even after we learn all the rules, we still sometimes fuck it up, and Celestia just… I don’t even know.
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