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safe1639658 screencap213766 cozy glow6899 discord29745 lord tirek5162 queen chrysalis33682 alicorn211139 centaur3089 changeling44146 changeling queen14525 draconequus10188 pony905296 the ending of the end3006 alicornified5066 bow26556 chains4680 cloven hooves9387 colored hooves5234 cozycorn632 female1305419 filly62891 flying36191 hair bow14484 insult359 male351236 nose piercing2528 nose ring2031 piercing38114 race swap13617 rock4223 ultimate chrysalis378


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Ten years of changes - Celebrated the 10th anniversary of MLP:FiM!

I love how those three pathetic dumb losers are frowning and Discord is the one smiling (=|

Bet they wished he and Starlight were still evil, and that Sombra was still around, they would've fitted well in this revenge team.