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A gift picture commissioned for the greatest girl in the world who loves Luna and means so much to me. I love you <3
safe1616249 artist:arjinmoon149 princess luna95533 oc627515 oc:demi47 alicorn206190 pony884031 unicorn285467 ;p165 arjinmoon is trying to kill us1 blushing182646 canon x oc22896 chest fluff34357 cute186349 daaaaaaaaaaaw3327 eyes closed84129 female1286561 fluffy13278 happy28820 heart44624 hug26203 male344002 mare439674 nuzzles99 nuzzling3746 one eye closed27106 raised hoof40760 shipping188403 sitting57527 smiling224633 snuggling6346 stallion97884 tongue out95075 underhoof48118 weapons-grade cute3376 winghug2652


not provided yet


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