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A gift picture commissioned for the greatest girl in the world who loves Luna and means so much to me. I love you <3
safe (1443837)artist:arjinmoon (105)princess luna (88630)oc (532176)oc:demi (35)alicorn (167109)pony (711856)unicorn (209792)arjinmoon is trying to kill us (1)blushing (156049)canon x oc (19010)chest fluff (26302)closed eye (532)cute (151250)daaaaaaaaaaaw (2628)eyes closed (68985)female (773688)fluffy (11663)happy (24285)heart (38369)hug (22881)male (262516)mare (343829)nuzzles (47)nuzzling (3367)one eye closed (20806):p (5900)raised hoof (32547)shipping (166523)sitting (46733)smiling (186030)snuggling (6149)stallion (74744)tongue out (76939)underhoof (41727)weapons-grade cute (2748)winghug (2374)

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