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I know this joke has probably been done to death at this point, but I can't help it. The moment the Equestrian cavalry marched onto the screen, I immediatly thought of Doctor Strange and Wong's little quip from Endgame.

Also, yes Sunburst. It would have been nice to see more characters in this lineup that probably got left out for time/budget reasons. The CMCs, Mudbriar, Zephyr Breeze, Braeburn, Stygian, Snap Shutter and Mane Allgood, Ahuizotl, Daring Do, Caballeron and henchponies, Celaeno and the pirates, Grubber, the residents of Hope Hollow, I could go on.
safe1616269 edit123113 edited screencap59254 editor:thomasfan45250 screencap210899 amethyst star2388 ballista119 billy (dragon)138 chancellor neighsay604 clump205 firelight386 flam2035 fleetfoot2014 flim2152 fume226 gabby2217 garble1687 gilda9249 giselle152 grampa gruff273 greta405 irma153 lemon hearts2009 lyra heartstrings28427 minuette5537 moondancer4570 night light2101 pharynx914 prince rutherford717 princess ember5984 prominence219 rex (dragon)44 seaspray158 sky beak132 soarin'13489 sparkler2238 spear (dragon)224 spiracle58 spitfire12923 stellar flare1096 sunburst6166 tempest shadow16165 terramar701 thorax4074 trixie64034 twilight velvet3982 changedling7686 changeling43009 classical hippogriff4643 dragon50944 griffon25131 hippogriff8800 kirin7442 pegasus257498 unicorn285474 yak4252 school raze2239 season 9641 the ending of the end2917 uncommon bond772 avengers: endgame168 cape9540 changedling brothers252 changeling king333 clothes426249 description is relevant752 doctor strange129 dragon lord ember1003 eea seal20 everycreature44 everyone is here18 general seaspray14 joke1127 king thorax2693 prince pharynx657 reference3999 robe3336 sash246 speech bubble21206 uniform9743 wonderbolts3456 wonderbolts uniform5555 wong7


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Background Pony #BC98
It's also funny that pretty much everypony here was useless and they had to resort to the old and tired deus ex machina/ Mcguffin and not actually earn the victory.
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Background Pony #BC98
This made absolutely no sense. Considering the distance a lot of these characters would have needed to travel to get here, no way should half of these have gotten here in time for this.
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