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Ocellus: *giggles* I’m guessing you had a bad dream, Smolder.

Sandbar: I heard Smolder screaming. Is she alright?

Smolder: *hugs Sandbar*

Sandbar: *chuckles* You alright, Smolder?

Gallus: Ugh, what’s going on now?

Smolder: *hugs Gallus*

Gallus: Uhh, who are you and what have you done with Smolder?

Yona: Yona hear Smolder screaming—

Smolder: *hugs Yona*

Silverstream: Is it group hug time?!

Smolder: *hugs Silverstream*

Ocellus: I think it’s group hug time—

Yona: GROUP HUG!! *hugs*

Sandbar/Ocellus/Silverstream/Smolder/Gallus: AGH!! *laughs*

Smolder: *teary eyed* I love you guys.

Gallus: Wait, hold up. Are you sure you’re Smolder?
safe (1445916)artist:6jjcgf0d1etqx1tp (42)ocellus (3656)smolder (5234)changedling (6031)changeling (33288)dragon (39074)the last problem (2354)spoiler:s09e26 (2389)absurd resolution (61621)beanbag chair (271)blank eyes (286)claw hold (9)comic (91014)concerned (586)crying (36284)death (4735)dialogue (51475)dragoness (5592)empty eyes (467)eyes closed (69145)female (775289)flower (18743)gradient background (9151)grave (531)gravestone (672)happy (24340)hug (22920)lineless (3168)nightmare (956)no mouth (396)no pupils (2736)older (19355)older ocellus (45)older smolder (130)sad (20827)screaming (2557)shocked (4845)sitting (46818)smiling (186364)standing (8360)stylized (108)tears of joy (1765)vine (986)wings (54734)

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