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Ocellus: *giggles* I'm guessing you had a bad dream, Smolder.

Sandbar: I heard Smolder screaming. Is she alright?

Smolder: *hugs Sandbar*

Sandbar: *chuckles* You alright, Smolder?

Gallus: Ugh, what's going on now?

Smolder: *hugs Gallus*

Gallus: Uhh, who are you and what have you done with Smolder?

Yona: Yona hear Smolder screaming—

Smolder: *hugs Yona*

Silverstream: Is it group hug time?!

Smolder: *hugs Silverstream*

Ocellus: I think it's group hug time—

Yona: GROUP HUG!! *hugs*

Sandbar/Ocellus/Silverstream/Smolder/Gallus: AGH!! *laughs*

Smolder: *teary eyed* I love you guys.

Gallus: Wait, hold up. Are you sure you're Smolder?
safe1613704 artist:gd_inuk101 ocellus4848 smolder7155 changedling7669 changeling42872 dragon50776 the last problem5006 absurd resolution64241 beanbag chair324 blank eyes365 claw hold38 comic103222 concerned774 crying40970 death5092 dialogue60884 dragoness7208 empty eyes532 eyes closed83928 female1284456 flower23403 gradient background11257 grave592 gravestone800 happy28770 hug26129 lineless3515 nightmare1383 no mouth481 no pupils3643 older24304 older ocellus112 older smolder243 sad23134 screaming3085 shocked6167 sitting57390 smiling224124 standing10894 story included8359 stylized143 tears of joy2245 vine1200 wings87255


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