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The end of G4
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I think it is an absolute shame that EG ended with an anticlimactic holiday special. It should have ended with a graduation. I assume they are high school seniors given that they drive, have jobs, and go on cruises and week long concerts without parental supervision. They turned MLP into a high school musical, what better way to end it than to finish high school?

… eh, I’m sure the fanfic writers are all over it.
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Background Pony #7A13
It’s because they’re not currently working on it now cuz of developing G5 non Hasbro shows other Hasbro projects and the movie. The current EG is done cuz low toys sales
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Wallet After Summer Sale

@Background Pony #D18E
If that was the case then how would they pull that off. The fact that Boulder Media is remained silent after that small Twitter incident where Hasbro told them not to openly say anything EQG related in post-season-2 production.
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