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The last scene, our final view at the Mane 6 and Spike.

You can toggle the bags under their eyes off in the svg, to make it less painful.
The source includes renders of both versions.
safe1751018 artist:frownfactory798 applejack173314 fluttershy217282 pinkie pie220256 rainbow dash238614 rarity185622 spike80514 twilight sparkle306219 alicorn232962 dragon58737 earth pony266169 pegasus309316 pony1011020 unicorn342489 the last problem6087 .svg available8464 alternate hairstyle29081 cloak4444 clothes476216 female1402314 gigachad spike872 hat90388 horn77705 jewelry68365 male388177 mare502383 medal577 older27813 older applejack785 older fluttershy738 older pinkie pie740 older rainbow dash871 older rarity740 older spike5515 older twilight sparkle (alicorn)53 princess twilight 2.02545 regalia21157 simple background409315 svg3702 transparent background208910 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126205 vector77860 wings123207


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