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A little late, but I wanted to give the show my two-bit sendoff.

Thank you to all the show writers, animators, and voice actors who brought these wonderful characters to life so that they could share their stories with us. And thank you to this amazing fandom of goofy misfits. I wish I could give you all a massive hug. There's so much creativity, love, and friendship in this community, I wish I could give back even a fraction of what you all have given me.

Even though the book is closed, the story is far from over, friends. Thank you all for 9 seasons of ponies and friendship and magic!

safe1613707 artist:rocket-lawnchair140 applejack162435 fluttershy202819 pinkie pie207279 rainbow dash223857 rarity173589 twilight sparkle288040 earth pony215323 pegasus256615 pony881338 unicorn284456 book31482 cute185937 female1284458 floppy ears47752 happy birthday mlp:fim1302 lantern1441 lidded eyes28182 mane six30350 mlp fim's ninth anniversary315 night24186 open mouth129604 reading5901 starry night651 stars14254


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