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Page 1286 – Incident Reporting

Welp, the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic finale has just aired. I suppose I should say a few things. I’ll try to keep it short and to the point.

It was always going to be bittersweet. I’m happy that it didn’t try to last forever (because it was never going to), and I’m happy that they ended it by giving the fandom one last bunch of brand new narrative toys and sandboxes to play with. A good portion of my livelihood depends on the fandom living on for a while after its official ending, but I don’t have much fear that it won’t. Looking back, this weird phenomenon has brought me a lot of happiness in dark times, from many different places I never thought I’d be connected to.

I’m happy to keep going with this if you’re all willing to stick around.

Anyway, there’s another Spudventure uploaded.
The Forgotten Ones, Session 9: Podcast | Video

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DM: For the crime of attempting to remove all the magic in Equestria, putting many lives at risk… Cozy Glow is sentenced to imprisonment in Tartarus for 10 years. This surely won’t be the last Equestria has seen of her… But that’s a story for another time. This brings our flash-forward palate-cleanser session to a close!
Silverstream (PP): What about us? Do we graduate from the School of Friendship?? Since our friendship saved Equestria?
Gallus (RD): That’s not a bad idea.
DM: We’ve been over this before. Saving Equestria from certain doom only once doesn’t give you special privileges.
Sandbar (AJ): Do we at least earn some extra credit in our classes?
DM: Oh yeah, tons of extra credit! …If each of you writes a detailed 20-page report of the entire incident, including moments when you had to rely on your teammates and suggestions on what you could have possibly done better!
Student Six: AWWWWWW…!
DM: Mwahahahaha!
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