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safe (1461067)artist:yinglongfujun (135)applejack (150616)earth pony (158792)pony (726369)apple (13333)chinese (2278)cowboy hat (11072)digital art (7991)female (788141)food (53194)fruit (788)hat (67247)hong kong (111)mare (352621)newspaper (1441)reading (5357)solo (895955)stetson (4546)


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Gotta say, the newspaper really hit home the HK feel.
Trivia: HK people call strawberry by a 4-character word that sounds very similar to "strawberry", but a person unfamiliar with the name would probably mistake it as some kind of pear, because the last character is "pear". Luckily AJ here won’t have to deal with that kind of thing.
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The characters are far too complex to likely be Japanese

usually, really complex characters = Chinese, less complex characters = Japanese
Also, the 2nd, 3rd and fourth character above AJ said "sweet fruit bar" according to image to text translate with Google and it detected Chinese

I see, thanks for confirming
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