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Starlight’s character progression.

Honestly, I love Starlight so much. I feel like she’s the one character I can relate 100% to – and I love seeing where she’s gone and how she’s changed for the better.
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Background Pony #79E8
I love Starlight so much.

She didn’t follow the typical "you are defeated therefore you are now my friend" conversion, Twilight actually convinced her to be good.

Even after deciding to be good she wasn’t perfect at it, not because of a bad attitude but because she has to overcome ingrained sociopathic tendencies. She actually has difficulty distinguishing right from wrong so she has to be good through conscious effort. Something, which she becomes visibly better at as her arc progresses.

I love her because she chose to be good, and remained committed to being good and improving herself, despite how much effort it took.
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AC97's avatar
She changed a lot throughout.

From deludedly self-righteous cult leader, to an impulsive magic-user, to a responsible mare.

@Background Pony #6F55

Starlight had stopped being Twilight’s student long before Luster Dawn was her student.
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This is the best. Shows just how much she’s grown which makes her one of the best characters in the show

@Background Pony #6F55
Actually Luster was Twilight’s magic student (she was in Canterlot’s school of gifted unicorns) while Starlight was her friendship student and her personal one and only one at that. So, different students

Besides, Sunset was Celestia’s top student before Twilight.
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Background Pony #B77F

Twilight: You’re my best student.

Starlight: Really?

Twilight: No, Luster Dawn is.

Starlight: Aw. ☹
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Background Pony #3050
Starlight Glimmer’s character development and growth since Season Six is the reason I started watching My Little Pony: Friend is Magic and became a Brony.
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