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(Just fixing some errors)

I made it in EQG style because ''I thought'' it would be easier… honestly I wasn't thinking to do anything about the ending of gen 4. but considering EQG didnt get a proper ending like the horses (and considering how awful it was… probably it maybe better) I decide to make my version of the end…

also I have to admit, maybe EQG was not that great (specially the series… thats another story) but I really enjoy it. honestly I stopped to feel exciment for the horses years ago (since season 6) but it was EQG what make me stay in the fandom… because if you make me decide bewteen cute girls or horses, guess what I would chose?


after graduation from CH, sunset decide to stay in the human world with her friends. she becames the principal of CH and sci-twi her vice principal. also sunset works like ''the guardian of the portal'' to avoid any danger from equestria. sometimes she is called ''princess of the earth''. she is happily married with flash sentry and they have two children. sci-twi is married to timber spruce and also have two children. rarity becames a world famous fashion designer with a chain of boutiques, rainbow dash becames a football player, fluttershy made a foundation to help animals, pinkie pie opens a chain of bakeries and applejack used to be travelling the world with her husband and their country band until granny smith dead and she taken charge of the farm

the all have daughthers that passed on the power of the geodes and became the new rainbooms


rest in peace EQG, thanks for the memories and thanks to everybody
safe1613975 artist:chuyryu139 applejack162454 fluttershy202844 pinkie pie207313 rainbow dash223889 rarity173614 sci-twi22451 sunset shimmer58837 twilight sparkle288067 human146369 equestria girls187256 the last problem5008 canterlot high2540 clothes425292 future503 glasses56686 humane five2976 humane seven2222 humane six2839 looking at you152262 older24310 older applejack639 older fluttershy607 older pinkie pie604 older rainbow dash690 older rarity612 older sci-twi18 older sunset44 older twilight1334 updated421


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Background Pony #0121
Me:after graduating i married sunset shimmer and had twins (twin son and twin daughter) and i became a biology teacher at chs!
Background Pony #E318
I still have faith and hope that this show won't end at the end of 2019 and get a third season and eventually get a proper ending as well it doesn't deserve to end yet and deserves to continue on until it gets a proper ending
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