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safe (1502826) artist:rambon7 (222) diamond tiara (9368) human (137385) equestria girls (170024) boots (17205) clothes (382289) cover (2661) ear piercing (18729) earring (15741) female (827098) frown (20598) gritted teeth (9671) humanized (90923) jewelry (44115) kneeling (6835) looking at you (131516) looking up (12867) miniskirt (4350) necklace (13496) older (20994) patreon (10959) pendant (1546) piercing (31052) raised eyebrow (5695) shoes (26665) sitting (50340) skirt (33566) solo (925803) surprised (7395) thighs (6378) wide eyes (15514)


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Background Pony #F06C
Me: There, such a good girl. You're such a good daughter. But remember! You're only allowed to wear such clothing for daddy. If I find out you're showing off that perfect little body of yours to anyone other than me, I'll do something so terrible to you that you won't walk right for weeks.

DT: What… what are you going to do to me… daddy?

Me: Oh ho, ho, I'll force you to… spend time with your mother.

DT: Why wouldn't I walk straight after that?

Me: Diamond, sweety, babe, I think we both know just how much of a pain in the rear you're mother truly is. Don't you agree?

DT: *whimper*
Wallet After Summer Sale -

I immagine her being scolded by her mother at the moment, for some arbitrary reason. And I also further immagine an immage of of the CMC backing her up and giving her a hand to help her up.