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Twi and Rar put you under their spell

Halloween Special 1
suggestive (115403)artist:art-2u (327)rarity (159474)twilight sparkle (263737)equestria girls (162313)beautiful (3781)big breasts (57861)blue eyes (3012)bracelet (6820)breasts (208967)busty rarity (9602)busty twilight sparkle (9296)cleavage (27741)clothes (362247)curvy (5186)cute (151869)darling (426)dialogue (51549)dress (35656)duo (40108)duo female (6035)female (776396)females only (9406)grin (28536)hat (66211)hourglass figure (1116)huge breasts (26503)impossibly large breasts (12452)jewelry (40300)looking at you (123429)miniskirt (4014)panties (42120)pink underwear (3428)purple eyes (1390)purple hair (439)purple underwear (1778)raribetes (3893)raripanty (75)sexy (19079)skirt (31995)smiling (186568)socks (49934)speech bubble (17050)stupid sexy rarity (655)stupid sexy twilight (632)text (41622)thick (2735)thigh highs (24048)thighs (5019)twiabetes (8339)underwear (50369)wide hips (12003)witch hat (2248)


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Happy Derpy!
Silver Bit

You sure you didn’t. Because from what I am seeing, I starting to think you’ve altered my perception of certain parts the world with magic…
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