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I know dagames AKA Will did not draw these screen caps but he does own the rights to his song and deserves to be credited as the artist of his own song and I just want to be respectful by giving his own artist tag.

BTW instruments of cyanide is probably my favorite song that Will has ever done and I totally recommend it.

Here’s the original music video by dagames.

Also sorry for the potato quality this was a youtube thumbnail and sometimes they’re not very high quality.
safe (1461101)artist:dagames (1)edit (103417)edited screencap (47063)screencap (180601)cozy glow (4680)grogar (1052)king sombra (11936)lord tirek (4192)queen chrysalis (30022)centaur (2065)changeling (34204)changeling queen (8740)goat (871)pegasus (198906)pony (726395)bendy and the ink machine (113)female (788173)filly (52565)instruments of cyanide (1)link in source (70)male (267889)needs more jpeg (1292)pmv (282)ram (511)song (820)stallion (77022)thumbnail (254)youtube link (4358)


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