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To commemorate how all the characters grew and developed over the series, our prompt is Draw a character/characters reaching their dreams.
I just finished watching the end of the series, and I loved it so much.

And throughout the show, over and over again, it seems to me that the greatest dream any pony received was finding their true friends, the ones they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with. The simple joy of being where you want to be, with your soul mates.

And the story of Cranky and Matilda remains for me remains one of the most wonderful stories of the show — the way the two of them struggled to find each other, looking for so long that they finally gave up, only to end up in the same place — together. Achieving their dreams.

I wanted to have a finished painting done for today, but life intervened, so with all apologies here is the pencil sketch — I hope to finish it for real soon.
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I started thinking they should be the actual bathtubs from the tv ads. But then I remembered that it's Horse Cartoon Show, and given Cranky's attention to the budget, I'm guessing these should be rain barrels instead.

That seems more their "dream realized".

@tehwatever & @mjangelvortex
Thank you :)