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Rarity was in Manehattan to visit Coco Pommel and it went pretty well.
But for Rarity the visit was over, said goodbye to Coco and left apartment she was living.
On her way to the train station, she was stopped not by a weirdo, not by a desperate seller, but by her own stomach that made a loud and hurting growl.
She was scared by it, especially because one of things she hates the most are public restrooms, but after quickly looking for a public restroom and she founded one, that has both mare and stallion sign on the door and entered it quickly.

After entering the restroom, she immediately got disgusted by how the public restrooms are always dirty and smelly. Anyway, while Rarity was thinking about with stall she should use, her stomach made another growl and caused Rarity to hold her stomach and crouch, but she didn't finished it to avoid touching more on the dirty floor. She a bit later decided to enter the last stall in the row.

After entering that stall, Rarity was greeted by her savior the toilet, but even if it looked clean public toilets are always filled with bacteria waiting for contact with Rarity's butt cheeks.
But Rarity isn't foolish for those kind of things, so she uses her magic to cover the toilet seat with toilet paper. And when she started doing that, a massive growl has attacked Rarity's stomach and worst of all she couldn't hold it enough, and a small fart slipped through her butt.
That scared her so much she speed up covering the seat.

After the covering was done she immediately got to taking off her skirt, and because of her desperation she kicked off her skirt away, reached for her panties and right after her panties stopped covering her private parts, she immediately dropped herself on the toilet with seat fully covered in toilet paper.

Her butt has instantly blasted farts and poops like crazy "oh my goodness, ah that hurts" she said in pain.
"Ah me poor stomach ah" She continued to moan it pain as she isn't used to dealing with diarrhea very much.
She got her hooves together to try to hold the pain, but the pain still was the same.
Some time passed, diarrhea still continued, Rarity was even more stressed because of the pain in her butt, but also she was worried that she'll miss the train back home.
Even more time passed, but luckily for Rarity, she felt like the diarrhea was almost done, so she gave everything she got and gave a hard push ,and loads of poops were pushed out of her butt,.

A little time passed and Rarity's butt was free from poop, she got a little sweaty forehead witch she reached for toilet paper to wipe it off "ugh I hate diarrhea especially in public restrooms".
After small time of break she uses magic to grab more toilet paper to obviously wipe her butt, after fully wiping herself she gets up, pushes the toilet paper from seat to the bowl and flushes the toilet.
Yet, Rarity wasn't lucky this time, because the toilet bowl had too much toilet paper, witch it caused it to clog.
"Oh come on, are you serious" Rarity said as she quickly pulled back up her panties, grabbed her skirt she kicked off, put it on and quickly trotted out of the restroom.

Small note: You know, i would rather like this one to had own animation, but i suck at animating in sfm. If someone would like to animate this one i would really appreciate it.
safe1576343 artist:unknownface2416 rarity169786 pony846368 unicorn266536 3d62699 blue underwear2233 but why470 clothes409367 equestria girls outfit2325 fetish34988 implied diarrhea31 implied pooping116 palindrome get882 panties46134 panties around legs2192 restroom89 revamped ponies170 solo973597 source filmmaker37941 stall139 story included7764 toilet1469 toilet paper338 underwear55256


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