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Started working in SFM this month. Thanks to my friend’s guidance and some tutorials, I can finally make some pics myself

I’ve recently started replaying the good ol’ Tekken 3 and by using screen captures during Practice Mode, I felt like trying to recreate some moves or poses. In this case, it’s Sweetie Belle pretending to be Nina doing her "Twisted Mind" move on a downed opponent. But this particular pose is also inspired by an old and obscure PS1 game, "Evil Zone", where one of the character's winposes had him step on his opponent's head.

Having seen her beat Scootaloo recently, Apple Bloom decided to try her own skills against Sweetie Belle. And much to her surprise, she lost to her as well. So Sweetie couldn't resist rubbing the defeat even further by stepping on Apple Bloom's head and posing.

Sweetie Belle: "Isn't it past your bedtime, AB?"

But don't get too cocky, Sweetie. The girls may be planning their revenge…
suggestive132373 artist:valsion13 apple bloom47372 sweetie belle47153 equestria girls187141 3d67548 abuse6574 applebuse176 bedroom eyes54662 boots19744 clothes424868 defeated384 dominant270 domination1729 eyes closed83868 female1283813 femdom7519 femsub9743 foot on head49 hand on hip5133 jeans3654 looking down7540 lying down11895 pants12940 shoes32137 skirt36919 skirt lift4549 smiling223964 smirk11528 source filmmaker41010 stepped on22 submissive14858 tekken87 trampling69 unconscious465 victory pose11


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8 comments posted
Background Pony #F8E2
Will there be any variations in it? Maybe some sitting poses, like sitting on a M6 or sitting with one in Sunset's lap/next to her?
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Background Pony #071A

Will you do anything with the Mane 6 win posing on each other, or something?
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Background Pony #1D93
Even though I love Apple Bloom and I hate seeing her like that there's something so satisfying about this image that prevents me from downvoting it. Can't exactly tell what it is yet.
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