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safe1554815 artist:vanderlyle9 edit114503 screencap195103 amethyst star2244 applejack157202 aquamarine144 aura (character)244 berry punch6059 berryshine6050 bon bon15471 buddy61 caramel2334 carrot top5117 cheerilee9278 cherry berry1826 cloud kicker1692 daisy2196 derpy hooves47909 diamond tiara9578 first base243 flower wishes2062 fluttershy195710 gala appleby112 golden harvest5117 goldengrape587 jonagold120 lemon hearts1874 lily longsocks388 limestone pie4661 lucky clover501 lyra heartstrings27488 marmalade jalapeno popette121 maud pie11777 meadow song467 minty green32 mochaccino198 pink lady65 pinkie pie201324 pipsqueak2691 ponet339 prince rutherford674 rainbow dash217146 rainbow stars192 rare find198 rarity167863 roseluck4616 ruby pinch1214 sassaflash803 scootaloo48804 sea swirl1384 seafoam1383 silver script84 sir colton vines iii587 sparkler2094 spike74192 star bright149 sweetie belle46259 sweetie drops15471 tornado bolt340 twilight sparkle279714 twist2774 velvet light23 dragon46558 earth pony190252 pegasus232212 pony826019 unicorn257102 yak3734 a friend in deed674 a hearth's warming tail1395 a trivial pursuit1059 best gift ever2205 do princesses dream of magic sheep1081 dragon dropped1132 dragonshy817 fall weather friends654 grannies gone wild772 growing up is hard to do995 magic duel1969 no second prances1726 one bad apple1314 party pooped708 putting your hoof down704 rarity's biggest fan129 rock solid friendship1163 secret of my excess656 shadow play1194 she talks to angel779 slice of life (episode)1586 the big mac question655 the break up breakdown568 the cart before the ponies821 the cutie re-mark3000 the end in friend650 the last problem3955 the mane attraction1100 the summer sun setback1012 the washouts (episode)1032 yakity-sax696 spoiler:interseason shorts796 adorabon597 adventure in the comments1240 amused349 animated90972 apple family member2489 background characters doing background things33 background pony8880 ball2806 basket2639 beret1660 best friends598 blanket4604 bon bon is amused171 bon bon is not amused970 booth169 bouncing3778 box4138 bridge1030 butler82 butt24702 butt touch2727 canon ship36 carrying1959 cart1249 chair5726 clothes400642 colt13125 compilation524 conjoined771 couple4511 cropped42751 cup5389 cupcake4843 cute173512 cutie mark39536 daaaaaaaaaaaw3039 discovery family963 discovery family logo11353 do ships need sails17 dream2365 drinking2953 drinking glass46 drinking lyra8 dutch angle97 engagement29 engagement ring154 eye twitch327 eyes closed78336 faic11216 female878889 filly58397 floppy ears45870 flower21635 flower in hair6461 food59309 friends are always there for you74 frown21343 fusion4322 game3213 gameloft4271 gameloft shenanigans275 gay marriage33 gif27406 giggling727 glare7982 glasses53809 grin32168 happy27072 hat74577 head tilt969 hearts and hooves day1962 holding a pony2499 holding hooves1375 hoof hold7145 hoof on butt543 hooves on the table146 hopping278 hub logo9205 hug25024 i found pills30 irrational exuberance605 it finally happened14 it happened164 juice1142 kite695 kite flying165 kneeling7275 laughing6965 lesbian91274 lidded eyes24608 looking at each other15753 looking at you140404 loop4722 love4270 lyra doing lyra things70 lyra is amused21 lyrabetes1186 lyrabon3044 lyrabon (fusion)192 male298883 mare403905 marriage1079 marriage proposal480 milkshake1392 newspaper1533 nuzzling3691 offscreen character28716 older aquamarine16 older bon bon25 older first base16 older lyra heartstrings26 open mouth120263 out of context4128 overhead view287 picnic1192 picnic basket439 plates105 playing1332 plot70439 pointing3615 ponies sitting next to each other26 ponies standing next to each other187 pony history181 ponytail15203 ponyville4917 present5300 pronking1029 pushing690 pushmi-pullyu111 racing304 raised hoof37863 rarara348 raribetes4481 ring2022 rooftop161 rotated8 rump push171 saddle bag5093 scarf20788 scenery7077 sharing a drink91 shipping181490 shipping fuel1403 silhouette2331 sitting53749 smile song235 smiling209678 snow12406 squee1921 squishy cheeks2042 stallion90278 stomping559 table8008 teacup2540 the hub2498 they know26 twilight's castle3264 unamused13350 upscaled120 wall of tags2234 we have become one532 well191 wide eyes16020 winged spike7005 winter outfit1203 written equestrian303


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