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Another spin-off of the Princess Mummies project >>1721351  Though it’s more of glorified WIP, the Trixie and Starlight pic from that piece >>1713809 has 20+ likes over the Princess Mummies piece.  Been wanting to take that pic and make it’s own thing for a while now.  Although it uses the same Trixie lineart from that piece >>1672037 the Starlight lineart is newer.  First it was a lightbox sketch >>2084673 that gave her an outfit more fitting for playing with her kinky sex pet.  The one used for this one is second lightbox to address some problems with that first one.  I gave Star a slightly thinner waist and slightly larger breasts.  Scanned both of these with the new scanner, and once again the quality of final product is wonderful to work with.  If I wanted to I could fully color this by the end of the week.  With the output of the old scanner it would take till the end of the month to make a colored piece.  I’d be spending the majority of my time fixing the weak, dirty lineart from a low quality scan.  
suggestive (116632)artist:supra80 (262)starlight glimmer (39364)trixie (57400)anthro (206202)unguligrade anthro (38271)unicorn (216656)ankle chain (56)ankle cuffs (360)armbinder (365)arms behind back (3894)ballgag (6027)bdsm (4727)bodysuit (1508)bondage (27354)boots (16533)breasts (211864)buttplug (2943)cleavage (28022)clothes (367003)collar (25310)corset (3508)cuffs (3094)dominatrix (1567)evening gloves (6871)female (788454)females only (9589)femdom (5928)femsub (6618)gag (11961)gloves (14876)hood (983)horn (28978)horn ring (4511)kneeling (6617)latex (8884)latex stockings (174)latex suit (2325)leash (6092)lesbian (84350)lineart (16404)long gloves (3661)magic suppression (3285)monochrome (136809)pet play (2699)ponytail (13679)posture collar (118)sex toy (21078)shipping (168813)shoes (25176)sketch (54467)socks (50627)stardom glimmer (46)startrix (2281)stockings (26041)submissive (10346)the weak and powerless trixie (334)thigh boots (567)thigh highs (24475)traditional art (100229)zipper (578)


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