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Background Pony #C639
Twisting the knife: the show isn't coming back, the movie's gonna be for G5, as mentioned above, and after IDW dropped the ball so many times in the past, many of us are, to say the least, skeptical about their ability to produce a faithful continuation in comic form.
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Background Pony #FA2A
Wait. Is this trolling? Is there actually a season ten, or am I getting bullshxt on?
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I’d be really disappointed if IDW’s season 10 was just more shenanigans with these three.

If the REAL Grogar isn’t showing up to reclaim his bell then I don’t want to hear about it.
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Background Pony #B8F2
@Background Pony #A59E
>Completely ignoring they're still stone in the same position god knows how many years later

Well Discord was in statue, so maybe they can be freed without that problem, of course with help of magic and with some trauma
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Background Pony #4925
@northern haste
You're right. In The Last Problem, we only see the Villains statue in a picture in the newspaper on the day of Twilight's coronation, but we never see it in the flash forward to Twilight telling Luster the story. There's still a chance something's happened between those times.
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