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I'm kinda surprised I never did this sooner…

safe1636657 edit125409 edited screencap60608 editor:jdmiles22 screencap213462 cozy glow6871 fluttershy205359 grogar1300 king sombra13257 lord tirek5151 pinkie pie209644 queen chrysalis33632 centaur3077 changeling43942 changeling queen14411 earth pony222859 pegasus264711 pony901660 sheep1386 umbrum1043 unicorn293944 frenemies (episode)1531 griffon the brush off726 scare master914 school daze2693 the beginning of the end2074 the cutie pox591 the ending of the end3003 the gift of the maud pie924 the last laugh860 the return of harmony1580 leak1532 all new661 backstreet boys17 better way to be bad127 bow26462 bracer400 brooklyn nine-nine1 canterlot hedge maze47 chocolate3193 chocolate rain368 cloven hooves9352 comic104530 crystal ball504 discovery family logo11572 duo54464 evil lair232 fabulous600 faic11758 female1302633 filly62718 floppy ears48707 flying36094 food65782 frown22072 glowing horn18190 grogar's lair231 grogar's orb189 hair bow14442 hedge maze70 hoof on chin504 horn55364 hub logo9636 i want it that way3 implied pinkie pie670 implied rarity992 implied twilight sparkle1743 implied zephyr breeze43 lair249 laughing7507 legion of doom276 lidded eyes28806 looking around105 looking up15252 magic69606 male350197 manehattan997 mare448388 nose piercing2519 nose ring2025 one eye closed27876 open mouth132954 piercing37949 rain5815 raised eyebrow6359 raised hoof41949 ram621 sad23432 scared9900 screencap comic4382 sexy27350 solo1018017 song reference3249 stupid sexy sombra423 sugarcube corner2131 table8683 telekinesis26174 text54908 thinking1802 throne2958 twilight's castle3648 wink23147


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