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Hope you like it :)
safe (1489139) artist:lizardwithhat (65) rarity (162614) smolder (5672) yona (4024) dragon (42444) unicorn (228193) yak (3418) the last problem (3021) spoiler:s09e26 (3191) clothes (377153) detailed background (283) dress (36714) hoofbump (993) manic grin (35) mirror (4297) misspelling (1995) older (20622) older rarity (405) older smolder (143) older yona (58) smolder also dresses in style (16) speech bubble (18360) starry eyes (2569) wingding eyes (17234)


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Now I'm imagining Smolder waking up in her bed like the scene in the Godfather look under her blanket screams but it turns into squees then picks up dress hold it over herself in the mirror.