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Now Applejack is the one doing the chest licking. Payback is delicious.

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suggestive (116565)artist:gutovi (355)applejack (150586)fluttershy (187475)princess luna (89369)rainbow dash (207280)rarity (160503)alicorn (170620)earth pony (158689)pegasus (198819)pony (725954)unicorn (216371)comic:why me!? (211)alternate ending (393)applejack gets all the mares (57)appleshy (1146)bed (32179)blushing (158424)carousel boutique (1640)comic (92406)female (787869)harem (737)imminent cunnilingus (154)imminent sex (4416)kissing (20592)lesbian (84293)licking (16100)polyamory (4293)polygamy (150)shipping (168725)spread wings (42132)tongue out (78431)wingboner (7395)wings (56077)


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