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And nothing of value was lost.
safe1598584 artist:jan514 edit121430 edited screencap58534 screencap208494 aloe2474 angel bunny9451 apple bloom47095 autumn blaze3441 babs seed5580 berry punch6186 berryshine6178 big macintosh26868 bon bon15556 bow hothoof951 braeburn6017 bright mac1164 burnt oak113 button mash3829 capper dapperpaws1466 carrot cake1978 cattail82 cheerilee9477 cheese sandwich3697 cherries jubilee150 cherry jubilee1032 clear sky402 cloudy quartz1241 coco pommel5623 coloratura2712 cranky doodle donkey931 cup cake3859 daring do6182 derpy hooves48374 diamond tiara9750 discord29168 dj pon-328225 doctor whooves10317 double diamond1580 fancypants1805 featherweight1206 flam2019 flash magnus747 flash sentry12041 flim2135 gabby2180 gallus6050 garble1652 gentle breeze309 gilda9184 goldie delicious362 grand pear233 granny smith5083 igneous rock pie824 iron will1289 limestone pie4668 little strongheart771 lotus blossom2628 lyra heartstrings28220 marble pie6082 matilda471 maud pie11881 mayor mare3096 meadowbrook748 mistmane690 moondancer4489 mudbriar747 night glider1278 night light2064 nurse redheart3340 ocellus4750 octavia melody22769 opalescence2009 owlowiscious1922 pear butter2534 pharynx896 photo finish2512 pipsqueak2739 plaid stripes244 posey shy1106 pound cake2397 prince rutherford691 princess cadance30757 princess celestia90407 princess ember5875 princess flurry heart6509 princess luna94766 pumpkin cake2129 quibble pants1458 rainbow dash222265 rockhoof1028 roseluck4765 rumble3793 saffron masala1584 sandbar4890 sassy saddles972 scootaloo49291 shining armor21871 silver spoon6221 silverstream5511 smolder6970 snails5136 snips4056 soarin'13381 somnambula1725 spitfire12807 starlight glimmer45047 stygian704 sugar belle2830 sunburst6015 sunset shimmer58189 sweetie belle46910 sweetie drops15561 tank2627 thorax4019 thunderlane3814 time turner10313 tree hugger2635 trouble shoes1075 twilight sparkle285867 twilight velvet3928 twist2763 vinyl scratch28227 wind sprint513 windy whistles1934 winona2442 yona4626 zecora8866 zephyr breeze2112 zippoorwhill359 alicorn202270 bird7159 breezie2048 buffalo891 changedling7518 changeling41980 dog8649 draconequus9475 griffon24722 minotaur959 owl974 pony867947 yak4105 button's adventures262 the last problem4564 buttercup72 buttonbuse13 caption19813 crying40523 cutie mark crusaders18192 everycreature43 everypony371 flim flam brothers1178 image macro36109 impact font1400 juice1220 juice box901 king thorax2649 meme79226 prince pharynx630 rara1012 sad22916 spa twins1284 teary eyes3516 text52629 the magic of friendship grows78 they forgot about me15 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117179 wall of tags2592


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Button never interacted with the main six so him not being there makes sense, hell he never even spoke on the show or did anything on fim he was more popular in fanon!
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Wannabe Artist
@Background Pony #3893

Exactly, if he happened to make parodies or such, then we would have talked about fair use.
But what he did falls right down trademark violations, plus he probably knew that but was hoping to pass unnoticed, which is hard after you gain a certain amount of fame
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LOL no, making money by using someone else's character without their consent is violating their trademark.
Stop talking about fair use and copyright if you don't even know what was wrong in what he was doing…
Background Pony #9C0D
Absolutely. Profiting of fancontent is already really freaking shady for transformative works, but when you draw the attention of the trademark holders and they can't say they're unaware of you, not dealing with it would basically just throw that trademark out the window — fair use and copyright is one thing, trademark is another. And this was never anywhere near fair use anyway. If anyone remembers the slippers with a pony mascot, it's not really any different from that.