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Apple Spin! 1080p link in the source.
safe1576780 artist:anontheanon332 artist:jargon scott2093 artist:luzion22 edit117788 edited screencap56138 editor:luzion27 screencap199536 apple bloom46571 applejack158940 fluttershy197921 lighthoof482 luster dawn945 lyra heartstrings28004 pinkie pie203362 princess celestia90065 princess luna94022 rainbow dash219507 rarity169821 shimmy shake476 spike74882 twilight sparkle282903 winona2443 oc605714 oc:apogee798 oc:littlepip3776 alicorn195541 dragon48233 fish2190 kirin6726 pegasus239976 pony846674 unicorn266691 yak3841 bronycon1632 bronycon 2019135 derpibooru6887 fallout equestria15296 a canterlot wedding2381 bloom and gloom973 the last problem4148 absurd file size582 adorabloom2388 animated92056 atomic bomb161 band geeks26 bathroom1842 bathtub1540 call of duty383 cigarette3419 compilation527 crab rave6 crown13998 cute177724 dancing7612 dark souls655 donald trump297 female900294 football1466 giant pony4291 gigachad spike745 glutes11 hat kid20 implied pooping117 jewelry51018 look at my horse10 lusterbetes92 macro10516 male305876 mane seven5903 mane six29466 mare416072 meta16073 mr weebl6 music2534 musical instrument6949 not salmon2233 nuclear weapon224 older23042 older applejack526 older fluttershy506 older mane seven166 older mane six262 older pinkie pie492 older rainbow dash581 older rarity506 older spike4695 older twilight1119 pan flute12 pmv288 ponyville5038 poop4811 princess twilight 2.01619 radiation92 regalia16329 ren and stimpy178 ren and stimpy adult party cartoon8 rick and morty474 seizure warning3061 sound6729 space4556 spinning843 spongebob squarepants2618 sports3074 super smash bros.1045 taco tuesday220 thepruld1 toilet1469 trump27 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115306 undertale1563 underwater4447 video game4567 wall of tags2317 wat18646 watermark14540 weapon27242 webm10067 what the hell?17 white house27 youtube link4583


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