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With the birth of the first daughter of the,now, king Mac and lady Discordia, the citizens of equestria weren't sure how to feel. Their new rules have now a heir, a draconequus no less, which was probably gonna be a monster in terms of magic but then again, Big Mac and his chaotic spouse haven't treated them bad, except of the whole "equality" thing. Only time would tell how the circumstances would shape this creature.

And truly, Cassandra, or Cassie, isn't really an inherently evil or destructive individual. She is rather quite and reserved but god damn you don't want to see her angry. She is a lady of the fine arts, and usually spent s her time illustrating, singing and playing the flute. However, this long noodle body can't dance for shit. From a young age, she was given extensive physical training and self defense classes mostly due to the fact that equestria was in war against Sombra and the crystal empire (more on that another time)

She is very secretive and instead prefers lurking in the shadows, observing others from afar. That's also the reason why she was appointed as a spy, her main job gathering information. Since she is not, as stated, very social, she anxious when she has to talk to people and often stutters. She also can't really properly tell jokes because her confidence fails her.

Out of her family, she is very fond of Granny Smith, as she helped raised her, and cherishes the memories she has with her. Her aunt, applebloom is kind of wary of her, since she still struggles to get over the shock, total takeover and all. She is fine with her parents, but she gets along more with Discordia, because Cassandra's magic is more closely related to chaos than harmony. The colors from her mane and wings symbolize generosity, magic, laughter and she has a tiny bit of kindness.

Cassandra usually spends more than enough time on her missions but particularly those on the crystal empire. When asked, Cassie would tell you that everything is fine… but then what's keeping her there?


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