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Finished rendering of an older pic: LINK
I am proud of this one :)
Probably the most accurate version of myTwi™ when she wasn’t a chub

Naked version
Sweater version
panties version
suggestive (116616)artist:duop-qoub (492)twilight sparkle (265825)alicorn (170759)anthro (206171)plantigrade anthro (22982)descended twilight (152)blushing (158490)breasts (211831)clothes (366945)collar (25307)female (788333)femsub (6617)hair over one eye (7216)mare (352736)solo (896120)solo female (157551)stockings (26037)submissive (10345)sweater (11843)thigh highs (24470)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (105257)


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Wallet After Summer Sale

(Previously known as Firefuse)

Ok, here she looks even cuter, then the nude versoin, imo. Just want to give her a warm hug and carry her like the princess she is.
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