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Anon: "Celestia, why are you afraid of a harmless chicken? You just scared away a very dangerous monster a few moments ago!"

Celestia: "Yes… but he… was not… a CHICKEN!"

Anon: "But why chickens, of all things?!"

Celestia: "Well… I had some REALLY bad experiences when I was a foal…

Considering how brave and selfless Celestia usually is, I think her alektorophobia is forgivable :-)

And concerning what she says about Discord in the first panel:
We know that Discord is childish, short tempered and vindictive. So why is it, that after a thousand years of petrification, he does not immediately take revenge at the pony who inflicted it upon him? Why is it, That he doesn't petrify, torture or humiliate Celestia? He had enough time while the Mane 6 were in the maze. My answer to that is: If he could have, he WOULD have!
Even if Celestia needs the Elements of Harmony to seal Discord away, he doesn't seem powerful enough to confront her directly. In "Keep Calm And Flutter On" she puts a spell on the Elements, so he can't steal them and he was never able to break it. And in "Twilight's Kingdom" Discord can't just snap his fingers and serve the princesses to Tirek on a silver platter. Instead he must first help Tirek becoming strong enough to confront them. It seems that the worst thing Discord can do to Celestia is stealing her tail and putting her in a clown costume. But if she's really willing to get violent… well… I guess Dissy would end up as a fried sausage XD
And about the MLP Movie: Those petrification-orbs were a special magic weapon and if Discord were there during the attack, he most likely would have been petrifyed, too.
safe1587980 artist:banebuster54 princess celestia89888 oc610173 oc:anon-stallion1 alicorn199909 bird6976 chicken1412 cockatrice509 earth pony206362 pony859838 admiration49 adorable distress416 alektorophobia33 badass3072 comic101548 cowering239 cute181512 cutelestia3256 female1228388 fire hair88 funny3770 gradient background10921 grateful8 gritted teeth10523 heart43651 hero143 hickey53 hiding1321 holding a pony2640 hug25529 intimidating148 jojo's bizarre adventure2588 joke1117 love4466 majestic as fuck1182 male331249 mare427644 menacing343 panic837 prime celestia47 protecting509 sharp teeth3176 shivering1955 shocked expression664 shooing4 simple background349746 spread wings48518 squishy cheeks2131 stallion94557 teeth7839 that princess sure is afraid of chickens27 threatening293 wings81745 ゴ ゴ ゴ181


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