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The first one (left to right):
Twilight x Pinkie Adoptable 5 points (Closed)
Belongs to watermeloncancerchan

The second one:
Soarin' x Spitfire Adoptable 5 points (closed)
Belongs to dusk-wind24

The third one:
Twilight x Sunset Shimmer 5 points (closed)
Belongs to littlejurnalina
safe (1484057) artist:hunterthewastelander (195) oc (555198) oc only (379172) alicorn (175326) pegasus (206525) pony (762973) alicorn oc (19395) magical lesbian spawn (8918) offspring (30607) parent:pinkie pie (3251) parent:soarin' (1979) parent:spitfire (331) parent:sunset shimmer (1231) parent:twilight sparkle (6539) parents:soarinfire (114) parents:sunsetsparkle (328) parents:twinkie (149) simple background (309301) transparent background (161234)


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