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Frontispiece for The Incredibly Dense Mind of Rainbow Dash by Chengar Qordath.
safe1691240 artist:fynjy-87126 blossomforth1428 cloud kicker2009 pinkie pie214813 rainbow dash232324 earth pony243131 pegasus285955 pony952984 fanfic:the life and times of a winning pony68 background pony10210 balloon10138 black and white12723 bushy brows84 commission66915 cute197622 diapinkes9785 fanfic art14226 featured image867 female1349199 floating3922 flying37684 grayscale37700 hiding1422 high res27151 hoof hold8224 illustration389 mare473478 monochrome148729 open mouth142753 peeking671 ponyville5758 raised hoof44928 smiling243989 spread wings53870 sugarcube corner2280 sweet dreams fuel1577 then watch her balloons lift her up to the sky903 wings104298


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