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If someone does not like an art style then that is ok, visual appeal is important, since you are going to be looking at the show it has to look nice to you, if you do not like how it looks and do not see it just because it looks ugly to you, then, yeah, that is fine.
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"Okay Boomer"
WHAT! Seriously, this is a reference to "Baby Boomer". All this time I thought it was a reference to that dog from FarCry 5… I think that’s its name. I’ve never encountered the dog myself.

Damn these modern youth with their terrible tastes and educations, their fondness of that black "music" and their inability to understand and use cursive handwriting.

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@Background Pony #7563
@Princess Luna
I never said "ok boomer".

Infrayellow, now you’ve crossed over the line from potentially accidentally posting both anonymously and logged-in to actively sockpuppeting. Last chance to knock it off:

Rule 6: You may not use multiple accounts or anonymous posting for the purposes of evading bans, voting on images multiple times, sockpuppeting, or otherwise appearing to be multiple people within the same conversation.
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Yeah, we can like something without hating people for not liking it. This series won’t be for everyone, like TTG.
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