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safe (1457737)artist:wubcakeva (1046)sunset shimmer (51836)lamia (1566)original species (19048)snake (1988)armlet (118)belly button (60901)cove (2)eyelashes (3144)fangs (18361)female (784907)gold (755)jewelry (40895)lamiafied (183)lidded eyes (19869)long hair (2891)midriff (16632)necklace (12723)solo (893858)species swap (16204)treasure (251)


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11 comments posted
That Little Faggot with the Earring and the Makeup's avatar
That Little Faggot with the Earring and the Makeup
Equality - In our state, we do not stand out.
Wallet After Summer Sale
Dream Come True! - Participated in the MLP 9th Anniversary Event

Entry Of The Chameleons
he says that with just about anything that makes one go “SQUEEE!!!”, even if it’s actually a man-eating abomination. if I were him, I would treat her—and just about every other lamia—the same way I’d deal with a Hydralisk, a Deathclaw, or even an Alaskan Bull Worm: pump it full of lead till it’s dead. you never know if it’s gonna kill you. just keep a distance so she doesn’t sense you; evenmoreso if you’re planning on using a Fat Man or its precariously overpowered upgrade, the Experimental MIRV.
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Background Pony #CD4F
Just when I thought a lamia couldn’t be any sexier than Mia in Monster Musume, in comes Wubcake to prove me wrong
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