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Probably the biggest multilanguage comparison on this site.

Based on this video, but added some new languages, that I could find.

All of clips lasts 10 seconds each.
safe1557161 screencap195393 applejack157383 bon bon15487 bruce mane127 eclair créme174 fine line184 jangles114 lemon hearts1878 lyra heartstrings27508 masquerade216 maxie184 minuette5318 north star269 orion224 ponet339 princess cadance30137 queen chrysalis31929 rarity168085 shining armor21559 shooting star (character)224 spike74265 sweetie drops15487 alicorn191377 changeling39162 changeling queen11252 dragon46690 earth pony191492 pony828335 unicorn258430 a canterlot wedding2353 absurd file size573 animated91084 arabic115 brazilian portuguese29 bridesmaid dress261 clothes401908 comparison3930 czech24 dress39039 dubbing128 dutch148 english858 evil laugh375 female881409 french790 german988 greek235 hungarian39 hypnosis2886 hypnotized1306 italian356 japanese7615 latin american123 laughing6986 male299659 mare405192 multilanguage13 polish463 romanian13 russian3648 sound6488 stallion90594 swedish126 thai70 turkish79 webm9723


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Background Pony #BD47
@Background Pony #DFE9
I don't think this is the reason here. Most of multilanguages are uploaded by anons and they have way more upvotes.

Also I know there are much more languages, based on how many of them has "this day aria", but I can't find them all.
Background Pony #B7C7
@Background Pony #8B9B
Like most things in life, it's not what you know, but who you know. It's always harder for Background Ponies to get any traction with the things they upload because they have no followers on the site. Just look at it as a chance to make something neat and grow your talents as an editor.
Background Pony #BD47
Yeah, she once had some kind of special sound effect on her voice, but she lost it for some reason.

In some languages the effect is different than in English, a few doesn't have it at all.

Also why no one want to vote and what's with these downvotes? Why no one want to appreciate my work?