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Rini-chan commissions

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The CMC finally decide they want in on the action too! So the invite their friends over to fuse into the ultimate empress.
Written and commissioned by
Drawn by CandyClumsy.
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safe1552597 artist:candyclumsy536 artist:multi-commer23 apple bloom46138 ocellus4375 scootaloo48778 yona4348 oc592187 oc:apple cider27 oc:speedy cider1 changeling38930 hybrid14688 original species22673 pegasus231718 pony824624 yak3731 yakony71 comic:the great big fusion 38 apple14369 apple tree2671 clubhouse693 comic99596 crusaders clubhouse659 cutie mark crusaders17503 dialogue58618 fusion4312 fusion:apple cider2 fusion:speedy cider1 merge206 nervous4905 potion1751 shy3417 tree26806 treehouse177


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Phantom Rider

You are already booped.
Changing it up a little, huh? As with the one with the mane six was basically Pinkie assimilating everyone but this is done deliberately to catch up.

…will getting older with each additional member be a problem?