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Probably last WEBM I will upload here of this 2 year old movie, I was searching for WEBM of this moment here and I did not find any so I decided to upload it, The Storm King is basically a Brony Hater here.
safe1575527 screencap199228 storm king1105 tempest shadow15367 twilight sparkle282716 alicorn195319 pony845745 unicorn266214 yeti267 my little pony: the movie17824 adorable distress382 animated92011 anime eyes74 antagonist1345 bleh112 broken horn12751 canterlot castle1761 cross-eyed689 crown13974 cute177381 eye scar4447 eyelashes4402 faic11336 fangs22139 female899329 frown21644 group hug776 holding a pony2556 horn43311 horns4687 hug25476 jewelry50925 male305489 mare415489 mocking202 open mouth123121 regalia16302 sarcasm294 scar10442 smiling214963 sound6713 squeezing405 squishy2153 staff2736 staff of sacanas361 stained glass1143 storm king's emblem109 stormabetes28 talking4389 tempestbetes2492 tongue out90537 trio7293 twiabetes10239 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115203 villains touching twilight19 webm10047


not provided yet


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Faust only did a few episodes, the rest were by the others.
Twilight becoming an Alicorn was Faust's original plan.
What characters were flanderized?
Glim-Glam is the 6th power ranger, nothing new.
Flurry Heart wasn't really relevant much, and if you think a Married couple aren't gonna get a little frisky I got news for you.
I don't see how they're color is a factor?

Storm King represents the fake bronies who left the series for dead when-

Lauren Faust left
Twilight became an alicorn
Equestria Girls launched
Season 3 & 4 "flanderized the characters"
Starlight Glimmer showed up
Flurry Heart was born an alicorn
The Changelings stopped being black

It basically goes on and on.