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“Oh wow, you’re Rainbow Feather, that griffon who passed the medic test! It’s so awesome to meet you! Congratulations!”

“Wow to you too, you’re one of Twlight’s students aren’t you??”

“Yep! Silverstream, of the first graduating class of the Friendship Academy!”

“This is so cool! High claw!”

“It’s totally awesome! High claw!”
safe1600068 artist:shizow28 silverstream5522 oc616422 oc:rainbow feather301 classical hippogriff4571 griffon24755 hippogriff8592 cute183533 diastreamies1139 duo51666 eyes closed82735 female1272711 high five206 interspecies offspring6318 magical lesbian spawn10550 offspring34671 parent:gilda590 parent:rainbow dash5032 parents:gildash334 vector71816


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There's a tumblr where I post in-character replies and story snippets, especially under the 'story arc post' or 'plot' tags: https://rainbowfeatherreplies.tumblr.com/

No single longer-form stuff, just a lot of small posts and art.
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Is there fanfic or something about Rainbow Feather? I could totally get into that but all I've seen is dozens of pieces of art.