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While I do love how MLP ended, with Twilight and her friends growing older, I kind of want to see Older CMC. I mean, Scootaloo HAS TO FLY, PEOPLE!

Also, Pony Life (aka Gen 4.5) is OFFICIAL! AAAAAAAAH! YAY! Fangirling noises

And although this is really bad image quality, Rainbow Dash is saying "My buddy's growing so fast."
safe1749845 artist:nightshadowmlp392 apple bloom50943 rainbow dash238510 scootaloo51908 sweetie belle49718 earth pony265699 pegasus308923 pony1009949 unicorn342046 cloud32064 cmc day13 cutie mark crusaders19315 female1401309 flying39397 lined paper4680 mare501889 older27785 older apple bloom2238 older rainbow dash869 older scootaloo2134 older sweetie belle2471 scootaloo can fly766 traditional art120199


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